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Biosphere Politics: A New Consciousness for a New Century

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Crown Publishers, Inc., 1991
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"Rifkin's finest book to date … a must-read for anyone interested in large-scale transformation in the nineties."

— New Age Journal

"Rifkin builds a convincing argument that three great social forces are already converging to bring about radical world change … [His] vision makes for absorbing reading regardless of one's political views."

— San Francisco Chronicle

"Offers a history, science, and economics lesson in an immensely provocative examination of the state of things and how we got there."

— Booklist

"A must-read for anyone concerned about the environment and about the decay of society and values relating to human life versus self-interest."

— The Pittsburgh Press

"A wake-up call, a call to action, to bioregionalism, to green economics. It is a call to revolt against the numbing tyranny of the narcissistic isolation that our homogenizing culture convinces us to embrace."

— The Texas Observer

"[An] imaginative synthetic interpretation of the last five centuries of human history. Jeremy Rifkin [is a] stimulating and provocative thinker."

— The Religion and Society Report

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