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The Green Lifestyle Handbook: 1001 Ways You Can Heal the Earth (Editor)

Owl Books, 1990
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Twenty-three environmental experts have placed the survival of the earth in your hands.

Authoritative, wide-ranging, and comprehensive, The Green Lifestyle Handbook suggests hundreds of steps that all of us can take in our personal lives to develop a green lifestyle at home, in our diet, at the marketplace, in the office, on the road, in our communities, at our places of worship, and in our leisure pursuits. It offers an alternative way of living and acting that will help create a sustainable future for ourselves and the planet.

Contributors include:

  • Thomas Berry
  • Larry Dossey, MD
  • Dr. Michael Fox
  • Wes Jackson
  • Frances Moore Lappé
  • David Morris
  • Jeremy Rifkin
  • Robert Rodale
  • Rep. Claudine Schneider
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