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Voting Green (with Carol Grunewald Rifkin)

Doubleday, 1992
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The upcoming elections could well determine the fate of the earth in the coming century. This time you can make a real difference when you mark your ballot. Let Voting Green be your guide to making the most informed and meaningful decision.

Voting Green contains the most comprehensive congressional report card ever compiled on Green issues. The 535 members of Congress are scored on their performance on nearly 300 pieces of Green legislation. Find out who are the best and worst members of Congress-and how your senators and representatives scored on the Green report card.

Voting Green presents a sweeping new political platform touching on a wide range of concerns you care about, including the development of a sustainable economy, global environmental security, clean air and water, healthful food, a safe workplace, animal protection, preserving biodiversity, and the future direction of science and technology, to name a few.

Voting Green gives a complete checklist of Green positions by which to judge political candidates in the upcoming primaries and general election.

Voting Green provides the most detailed and incisive analysis available of the Bush Administration's performance on Green issues.

If you're fed up with traditional politics, now there's an alternative: Vote Green!

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