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Future of Work

Opinion Editorials and Essays


acrobat reader PDF documentThe New York Times, "Watch Out For Trickle-Down Technology", February 24, 1993

acrobat reader PDF documentThe Boston Globe, "Where to find work in the future", August 22 1996

acrobat reader PDF documentThe Boston Globe, "Technological gain: a 30-hour workweek for all", November 19, 1995

acrobat reader PDF documentLos Angeles Times, "What's a Human Worth in a Workless World?", October 11, 1995

acrobat reader PDF documentMother Jones, "Work in the 21st Century: Vanishing Jobs", October, 1995

acrobat reader PDF documentSan Francisco Chronicle, "The Future of Work in America", September 4, 1995

acrobat reader PDF documentThe Nation, "Civil Society in the Information Age", February 26, 1996

acrobat reader PDF documentSan Francisco Examiner & Chronicle, "Technology's curse: Fewer jobs, fewer buyers", December 3, 1995

acrobat reader PDF documentUtne Reader, "After Work: A blueprint for social harmony in a world without jobs", May/June 1995

acrobat reader PDF documentThe Sun, "Will There be a Job for Me in the New Information Age?", September 4, 1995

acrobat reader PDF documentStatesman & Society, "The end of work?", June 9, 1995

acrobat reader PDF documentTikkun, "High-Tech Populism in the Information Age", May/June, 1995

acrobat reader PDF documentThe Chronicle of Philanthropy, "The Non-Profit World and the End of Work", January 26, 1995


acrobat reader PDF documentThe Guardian, "Return of a conundrum", March 2, 2004

acrobat reader PDF documentThe Independent, "Now the Robots Are After Your Jobs, Too", February 26, 1996


acrobat reader PDF documentL'Espresso, "Fantastico: il lavoro è finito", December 31, 2003


acrobat reader PDF documentSüddeutsche Zeitung, "Arbeitskraft des Menschen ohne Zukunft", December 23, 2003

Interviews with Jeremy Rifkin

acrobat reader PDF documentClarín, "Los maestros son más importantes que los empresarios", Daniel Ulanovsky Sack, October 4, 1998

acrobat reader PDF documentEpoca, A vida sem emprego, May 8, 2006

acrobat reader PDF documentExame, Bill Gates é um engenheiro ingênuo, Ivan Martins, September 25, 1996


The End of Work

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