Organized the world's first ethics demonstration in Washington, D.C. to raise ethical questions on the use of biotechnology


Main opposition amicus curiae brief in landmark Supreme Court case on genetically engineered life form


Assembled a coalition of US religious and scientific leaders to oppose human germ line therapy


Won federal court case forcing the NIH to make public its votes on human gene therapy trials


Won landmark federal suit halting the release of the first genetically modified organism into the environment

Won federal case stopping the construction of a Dept. of Defense biological warfare laboratory at the Dugway proving grounds in Utah


Created the National Coalition Against Surrogacy and successfully lobbied state legislatures to ban surrogacy contracts

Assembled coalition of US religious leaders to oppose patents on animal and human genes and tissues


Successfully petitioned the Postmaster General to prohibit the transit of deadly pathogens through the US mailing system


Assembled Coalition of top US molecular biologists to urge passage of anti-genetic discrimination legislation


Published Entropy: Into the Greenhouse World and led the Green Lifestyle Campaign to address global warming

Late 1980s

Established the Global Greenhouse Network the first trans-national coalition of NGOs to address the global warming issue


Established the Greenhouse Crisis Foundation to educate students and their parents on global warming

Launched an international Beyond Beef Campaign to raise awareness about the global cattle culture


Established the Pure Food Campaign to demand government labeling of all genetically engineered foods


Launched a nationwide consumer boycott of milk and other dairy products containing Bovine Growth Hormone


Organized a global coalition of more than 200 organizations from 35 nations against a patent on Neem tree pesticides

Launched the first national campaign to establish criteria for socially responsible investment in US pension funds


Organized a global coalition of 400 women's organizations opposing patenting of human breast cancer gene


Launched Global Days of Action bringing together NGOs in 53 nations for public protests against genetic engineering


Launched Save Organic Standards Campaign (SOS) to prohibit the labeling of genetically modified food as organic

Facilitated the filing of a lawsuit alleging that four companies formed a global cartel in genetically modified seeds


Submitted a patent application with Dr. Stuart Newman to examine the extent to which human material is patentable


Assembled a coalition of progressive policy leaders to support legislation prohibiting human cloning


Created The Treaty Initiative to Share Genetic Commons which aims to prohibit all patents on plant, animal and human life


Spearheaded the formation of the Green Hydrogen Network to promote renewable energies and a hydrogen economy


Helped facilitate the creation of the European Parliamentary Leadership Group for the Hydrogen Economy


The EU Parliament passed an historic legislative initiative committing to a green hydrogen economy and the Third Industrial Revolution